Krewe Kaptains
Kaptains Klub
Essentially, the Krewe of Blarney is established as an organization to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to promote the Pass Christian parade.
The Kaptains’ Klub is comprised primarily of business persons and state and county elected officials. Cohesion of the Klub is brought about by like-minded, agreeable persons who each share an equal vote in decision making.
The concept is to gather a generous group of persons who will promote the annual parade, select the grand marshal and colleen for each year, and supervise the parade as well as conduct two “Socials” on that day. – One Private and One Public.
The two socials consist of a pre-parade “Toasting” of the dignitaries and a post-parade “Corn Beef and Cabbage Irish Bash” free to all Parade participants, family and guests.
The Kaptains of the Klub wear a Tuxedo garnished by a green sash and lead the parade as they carry beads and Flower Canes in greeting parade viewers. The “Walk” is less than one-mile distance from City Hall and back to City Hall.
It is most desirous to have a harmonious group that will seek not only to advance the business climate of Pass Christian and to enhance it’s economy, but also to promote and heighten each other’s business endeavors and interests.
The Krewe of Blarney made its first appearance in 1995.
The Krewe had a short respite due to Hurricane Katrina – reorganized in 2010.
For general information, please visit -- www.StPaddy.PassChristian.Net
Kaptain Dan Ellis

Krewe Klub Kaptains of 2005
Dan Ellis                          452-3138     
“Chipper” McDermott     452-2952     
Chris Anthony                 452-7405     
Harold Dawley                452-2436
J.J. Johnson                     452-2487     
Lark Johnson                   452-2487
Howard McKissack        452-3666     
Donald Moore                452-9028     
Gary Ponthieux               216-4183
Gerald Rooney               452-4304     
Jim Sager                       452-2137
Maurice Scardino          452-2762     
Arvilla Stoddard            452-2794     
Roy Stoddard                452-2794

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